Vision and Mission

The vision of Bachelor of Education in Mathematics Programme 

"To become a degree programme of mathematics education that obtains international standards and to create human resources who hold pious, autonomous, and intellectual values"

The missions of Bachelor of Education in Mathematics Programme

  1. Conducting professional education, academic education, and vocational education in the field of teacher training with the support of non-educational fields to facilitate the development of students in becoming graduates who uphold piety, autonomy, and intellectuality.
  2. Conducting research to unearth and disseminate knowledge, to invent and disseminate technology, to create and disseminate arts, and to develop and disseminate sports for the purposes of improving individual and social welfares supporting regional and national developments and answering global challenges.
  3. Conducting community services and empowerment to enhance the development of human, social, and natural potentials to achieve the social welfare.
  4. Establishing good university governance and clean university government in implementing the university autonomy.