Expected Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Education in Mathematics UNY formulated the programme learning outcomes (PLO) based on government policy, vision and mission of the university and degree programme, and feedback from stakeholders. In general, PLOs of BEM UNY cover domains: attitude, knowledge, specific skills, and generic skills which are specified as follows:

  1. to demonstrate religiosity and human values in workplace and society;

  2. to demonstrate responsibility, adaptability, autonomy, and leadership in accomplishing tasks;

  3. to demonstrate both written and oral communication, and collaboration skills;

  4. to demonstrate the ability to effectively use information and communication technology;

  5. to possess profound knowledge of the concepts and principles of school mathematics and advanced mathematics;

  6. to possess profound knowledge of the concepts of basic education, pedagogy, didactic mathematics, and educational research methods;

  7. to apply basic concepts of education, pedagogy, didactic mathematics, and school and advanced mathematics in problem solving;

  8. to design innovative mathematics instruction that utilizes a variety of strategies;

  9. to conduct effective mathematics teaching and learning practices by applying pedagogical and didactical knowledge;

  10. to develop innovative instructional media and resources for mathematics learning;

  11. to perform classroom assessment;

  12. to conduct research in mathematics learning.

Bachelor of Education in Mathematics has successfully conduct a learning process in order to fullfil the PLO as indicated by the PLO achievement analysis. Figure shows that the PLO achievement ranged from 81% to 97% which is considered as very good. This analysis based on the average grades of the course, instead of the course objectives achievements therefore the PLO's achievements might not provide detail information.