Community Service: Geogebra Training for Mathematics Teachers in Mathematics Teacher Working Group Sleman and Bantul

               The PkM team from the Mathematics Education Department held a Geogebra training. This training is intended for junior high school mathematics teachers who are members of the MGMP Sleman and Bantul. The PkM team consisted of Atmini Dhoruri, MS, Dwi Lestari, M.Sc., Eminugroho Ratna Sari, M.Sc. The team was also assisted by Denny Pritianto, S.Pd, Gr, and 2 students as assistants.

               The purpose of this training is so that teachers are accustomed to using software that can visualize the teacher's explanation, which in this case is Geogebra. For example, when discussing cube material, the teacher can draw on everything from webs to cube animations that can rotate. With this visualization students are expected to better understand the nature of the cube better.

               One of the material provided in this PkM is how the teacher has a social media account that is connected directly to Geogebra users. Through this, teachers can certainly "seek inspiration" from other Geogebra users. The teacher can also upload the plot results from Geogebra in that account.

               The form of activities in the form of demonstrations and teachers immediately practice Geogebra. Assistants will help if there are teachers who are late or not clear. At the end of each meeting, assignments are given to be collected at the next meeting. Each MGMP consists of 5 meetings.

            The participants were very enthusiastic, as seen from when the meeting time was up, most of the participants were still reluctant to move from their seats and still "fiddling" with Geogebra. Participants also expect additional meetings. The participants' questions when given an explanation also developed, so that the material became more peeled.

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